SECTION 49 Part 382.603 - Training for Supervisors

      Each employer shall ensure that all persons designated to supervise drivers receive at least 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and receive at least an additional 60 minutes of training on controlled substances use. The training will be used by the supervisors to determine whether reasonable suspicion exists to require a driver to undergo testing under §382.307. The training shall include the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probable alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances.
Recurrent training for supervisory personnel is not required.

Please Read Carefully Please Read Carefully Please Read Carefully
Supervisors must provide proof of completing
this training to legally require a
DOT reasonable suspicion test
Under 49 CFR 382.507 and 49 USC 521(b), the Secretary of Transportation may impose
fines up to $10,000
on employers who are not in compliance with these rules and regulations
This mandatory DOT Required
training is for Supervisors to:
Determine "REASONABLE SUSPICION" & provide techniques to insure a drug-free work place & further education on drug/alcohol abuse





After you have completed the training the compliance department will issue you a


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